Message by the Trustees


CA.P.R.Venkateswaran, B.Sc., FCA, DISA (ICAI)

The Theagaraya Chetty Educational Institution was vested in the hands of a Committee to manage, in the year 1931, which was founded by the two eminent great souls, Pitty Theagaraya Chetty Senior and Sir Pitty Theagaraya Chetty Junior, in the year 1897. The Institution founded “Sir Theagaraya College” in 1950 and manages Sir Theagaraya College Higher Secondary School and Theagaraya Chetty Primary School. The College caters Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Arts and Science and also offers Ph.D., research programmes.

It has several reasons to feel proud of. The alumni are successful in the fields of medicine, engineering, education, media, theatre, politics, sports and so on, in India and abroad. I have immense pleasure in associating myself with this institution and proclaim with pride that I am an alumnus of this college.

In today’s scenario, with a massive expansion in the field of education, there is an urgent need to strive vigorously on global excellence. There is an explosive increase in the number of educational institutions, leading to stiff competitions. Though it may be healthy on certain fronts, it is unhealthy when it leads to economic exploitation.

There we differ from others. The main objective is to serve the students of a variety of economic and educational backgrounds in the society with an open admission policy at an affordable cost. We aim at sharpening the young minds to think out of the box, eradicate some of the accepted ideas and practices that obstruct progress, provide opportunity to think critically and creatively, initiate innovation and give them a variety of provisions and opportunities to associate and apply in life situations.

Indeed, the achievement is a result of dedication and commitment from the management and sincere involvement of the Head of the departments and faculty members and enthusiasm of the students right from school to college. The progress is an ongoing process. Having taken up as the Chairman, I assure more and more positive changes in the days to come.

Dr. M.Jayakumar, M.D. (Gen. Med), D.M (Nephrology)
Family Trustee & President – College Committee
Professor & Head, Department of Nephrology – Madras Medical College & Government General Hospital (2000-2010)
Member, Board of Studies; Research – The Tamil Nadu Dr.MGR Medical University (2003-2009)
President – Indian Society of Nephrology – SC (2009-2011)
Member, Board of Studies, Post Graduates & Super Specialties – Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai.

I am a family trustee nominated by the Sir Pitty Theagaraya Chetty Family. The vision of the founders is to impart good education to people of lower socio economic group in this part of the city. It is the endeavor of the family trustees to realize their dreams.

We took over the mantle in 2008 under the new scheme and ever since, we are doing our best as we have improved the ambience, the infrastructure of the college for better teaching – learning. At present we have 2 smart rooms, an English lab. and a Commerce lab.

I am proud to associate myself as an alumnus of this college and like me several other alumni have reached high levels in their chosen fields.
We believe strongly that education means character building, strengthening the mind, expanding the intellect and by which one can stand on his own and face the world. As a member of the trust board, I assure you that we work as a team to achieve this goal.

Shri. P.Kumaraswami, B.Pharm,
Family Trustee; Secretary & Correspondent [Managing Committee]
Secretary [College Committee]

Students are the invaluable wealth and future pillars of the Nation. Goal setting and goal getting are very essential in their life. With proper care, adequate attention, protection, encouragement, guidance and good & quality education, the students can be moulded into a lot with desired qualities, which in turn, help them in succeeding in their objectives. The College years play a pivotal role in this regard. With the objective of empowering the students and making & moulding them into excellent professionals and matured responsible citizens, Sir Theagaraya College is making sincere, dedicated and serious efforts for decades now.

As a member from the founders’ family and Secretary & Correspondent, on behalf of the Management and on my own behalf, I only want the students to make use of the opportunities and the conducive environment that has been offered to them and march forward with self-confidence, self-reliance and determination, in order to achieve their Goals. Also, at this juncture, I assure that the Management, the Principal, the Staff, the Students and all other stake holders keep striving hard to succeed in all the future endeavors.

Thiru. M.Balaguruvappa, M.Com., PGDMM
Family Trustee & Secretary – Sir Theagaraya Hr. Sec. School Committee
Secretary – Theagaraya Chetty Primary School Committee

As a family trustee of the Theagaraya Chetty Educational Institutions Managing Committee, Secretary of the Hr. Sec. School Committee and Secretary of the Primary school committee, I consider creating the required conducive teaching – learning ambience, fabricating the co-scholastic and extra – curricular programmes and formatting and formulating the operational strategies are the utmost challenging pathways for the prosperity of the Institutions and the stake holders. It is with such an objective, we, the members on the board ever strive hard diligently.

Dr. P.Sudhakar, M.S.D.O
Family Trustee & President – Sir Theagaraya Hr.Sec. School Committee
President – Theagaraya Chetty Primary School Committee

Since, most of the students of this Institution hail from an educationally backward, socially neglected, deprived and disadvantaged part of Chennai, I and the other members of the management consider enhancing the students’ awareness levels, overall competencies and Socio economic status as the primary objective, in order to help them become responsible citizens of this great Nation, besides being good at academics. Towards achieving this objective of Nation building and sustaining, we, the members of the Management, are making sincere and serious efforts with highly qualified, able, efficient, dedicated and committed teaching and non teaching staff, constantly, leaving no stone unturned.


While it is important to follow footsteps of role models, it is more important to leave one’s own footsteps. In order to become role models and inspire others, one should posses good habits and characters. These are considered to be the building blocks of excellence. The College years are very vital in this regard. The role of college education is not only to impart skills of any subject in the course of development, but the education which helps the students to become competent and strong individuals.

Here, in Sir Theagaraya College, constant and continuous efforts on all quarters are being made with qualified, efficient, dedicated and committed teaching and non-teaching fraternity, under the supervision of the magnanimous Management, to realize the aforesaid objectives by the students, by providing good & quality education. In this context, as a representative of both the college administration and the staff, students & all other stake holders, I request the student community to make full use of the facilities and resources, grab the opportunities and face the challenges ahead of them. In all, the world around want the Students to be wholesome, scholastic and emerge as excellent professionals and responsible citizens.