The “Quality assurance” is a by-product of the ongoing efforts to define the “objectives” of an institution. The ‘IQAC” ensures that whatever is done, is done with devotion and commitment aimed at improvement. The “IQAC” also ensures that whatever is done in the institution for “Education” is done efficiently and effectively with high standards by establishing procedures and modalities towards collecting data and information on various aspects of institutional functioning.

The IQAC, established in the year 2005, for the purpose of quality standards improvement, is making quality assessment and preparing quality reports every year. The evaluative reports on quality are discussed in the meetings of the Head of the departments and appropriate measures are taken from time to time.

This cell has been diligently involved in helping the administration and other committees by offering valuable suggestions and measures towards achieving and sustaining excellence in the teaching and learning processes.

The IQAC has institutionalised the following processes towards quality enhancement and sustenance in teaching and learning process in the College:

For Students

  • Preparing academic calendar every year.
  • Planning examination schedules in advance, to ensure quick processing of exam related work and delegation of duties.
  • Monitoring attendance of students and follow up with defaulters.
  • Help the examination committee in preparing examination schedules.

For Teachers

  • Carrying out systematic teacher evaluation with the help of a Teacher Assessment Questionnaire.
  • Encouraging teachers to participate in workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Encouraging teachers to present and publish research articles and books.
  • Organizing workshops for teachers.

For Improving Students' Performance

  • Using innovative teaching methods for effective teaching and learning.
  • Introducing value based education for all the U.G students to mould them into responsible and respectable citizens.
  • Coaching in English communication and training in personality development to enhance the potential of the students towards employability.
  • Nominating students for various academic and administrative committees.

Thus, the IQAC develops and disseminates benchmarks for all the academic activities. In such initiatives, the members of the IQAC closely work with the College Management, College Council, the Office of the Principal, Head of the Departments and the Office Superintendent. It monitors the fulfillment of the Primary objective of the college, namely, the completion of the teaching portions allocated to the teachers. Besides, it concerns itself with the means of delivery of educational content. The IQAC insists on diversifying the methods by utilizing the modern tools and incorporating the latest resources so as to offer a learner-centric environment and make learning more interesting and importantly more durable.

The IQAC adopts various parameters to ensure quality. Though, the College is an affiliated and non-autonomous one, having no freedom to frame its own syllabus, in keeping with the employment opportunities, members of various departments serving on Board of Studies, assert the need to respond to the changing National and Global employment scenarios and effect required changes, accordingly, to the extent possible.

The IQAC carries out the teacher evaluation by adopting to two different modules. The first one is by using the self-evaluation reports submitted by the staff. Secondly, the students evaluation of the teachers through questionnaire, who handle their classes.

The IQAC also obtains feedbacks on the adequacy or otherwise, of infrastructural facilities within the classrooms and outside. It also ensures fulfilment of the quality standards in the day-to-day functioning of the institution. Continuous monitoring by the Head of the Departments and the Principal ensures smooth functioning and quality maintenance and enhancement of the same in the institution.

The IQAC is chiefly responsible for identifying any shortcomings in quality. It also supports value addition through curriculum enrichment and personality development programmes.

The IQAC with the coordinator in Dr.K.Thiyagarajan, associate Professor and Head, Department of English and the clerical staff in Mr.S.Venkatraman, functions effectively with the support of the members representing various sections of the college, namely

  • Honorary Secretary – Representative from the management
  • Principal: The administrative Head
  • Faculty members of the UG, PG and self-financed courses
  • Office Superintendent, Junior Clerk Representing the administrative staff
  • Office bearers of the Students’ Union: Representing the student community.


Dr. K. Thiyagarajan