Department Of
Computer Science & Computer Application

The department of Computer Science was established in the year 1992 and Bachelor of Computer Application was established in the year 2003. The Dept. has adequate laboratory infrastructure to conduct UG programmes with unlimited internet and LAN connections. It has a bunch of qualified faculties with updated subject knowledge. The Department library has around hundred books for circulation among students and staff. Students of this department have participated in various national level competitions and won awards and prizes. There are many students who are placed in MNCs like Wipro, HCL, TCS. Nearly, 50% of the students keep pursuing higher studies regularly. The department has conducted a National Level Conference, recently. Nearly 30 colleges participated in the event. Students of this Dept. do attend seminars, workshops even outside, in order to keep themselves upto dated, competitive and employable.

This department functions on the principle of responsibility and team-work with feedback oriented performance appraisal of the teachers. Nurturing attitude of the management paved way for the faculty members to enhance their academic qualifications and capabilities, during the last five years. More emphasis is given to learning in the teaching – learning process with teachers as facilitators.

The teachers, while fulfilling their academic commitment without any prejudice, pursue research alongside, publish research articles in Journals, in addition to attending seminars, conferences, etc.


SI .No. Faculty, Qualification & Designation Profile
1. Dr. Mrs. R. Deepalakshmi, M.C.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor & Head View
2. Mrs. H. Manikkavalli, M.C.A., M.Phil. – Assistant Professor View
3. Mrs. N. Agee Sujatha, M.C.A., M.Phil. – Assistant Professor View
4. gohin-computer Dr. B. Gohin, M.C.A., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor View
5. Mr. A. Pazhanivel, M.C.A., M.Phil. – Assistant Professor View
6. karthikeyan-computer Mr. J. Karthikeyan, M.C.A. – Assistant Professor View
8. Ms. D. Niranjani, M.C.A., M.Phil – Assistant Professor View
9. Mr. P. Dinesh, M.C.A., M.Phil – Assistant Professor View
10. Mr. A.V.M. Kumaran, M.C.A., M.B.A.,M.Phil – Assistant Professor View